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bushland log

This  photo of an old log in the bushland in Waitpinga on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia was made in 2021 when I was on an early morning walking with  Kayla.  We spent a lot of time in the bushland, mostly in the early morning, throughout 2021 and  the winter of 2022. Sadly we had to put Kayla down this week, as she had cancer of the lymph nodes.   

This is a memory of our times together in the local bushland; a memory of  nature as  transience: 

During our times together in the local bushland I recovered a conception of nature as transience--conceptualizing the bushland in terms of change, passing away, perishing-- and not just as shapes and colours as in a modernist aesthetics. 

Recently my Leica M4-P was salt damaged, due to  a rogue wave  crashing over me when I was photographing amongst the coastal rocks in Waitpinga.  The film wind on lever  and the focusing mechanism on the lens subsequently  jammed up.I have sent the rangefinder  body and lens back to Leitz in Germany to see if the camera and the Summicron 50mm lens  that I was using at the time can be repaired. I have yet to hear from Leica in Germany.  I am not hopeful that  the camera can be repaired as Leica Australia has advised me that some of the parts of the Canadian built Leica M4-P are no longer available.