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shapes and colours

The  photo below  is of a branch of a tree on the  side of a  backcountry road in Waitpinga on the Fleurieu Peninsula.  I often walk down this road or both the early morning and the afternoon poodlewalks. The road  runs alongside  some bushland,  which is where we wander around after walking along the length of the road. We usually wander through the bushland back to our starting point. 

The photo was  made in low light on an early morning poodlewalk.  

Sadly, the Leica M4-P and its  50mm Summicron f2.0 lens have recently been damaged by salt water. A super wave swept over me whilst I was on the coastal rocks photographing, and though the Leica rangefinder was tucked away in a closed  camera bag,  the bag  took the full force of the wave,  the camera got wet,  and the focusing mechanism on the lens is  now jammed. The camera and lens need to be returned to the Leitz factory in Wetzlar, Germany or repair and service.

This a cut branch in the same tree as in the first photo and it was  made at the same time.  

 I noticed that Leica,  in  announcing an updated version  of the Leica M6 rangefinder film camera  that was first released in 1984, are re-affirming their allegiance to film photography whilst every other manufacturer has abandoned it. Whilst digital photography continues to be the centre of photographic culture, analog photography has survived to carve out a small but significant niche. Leica are also  remaking some of the iconic lenses from the classic film era. The latest one is the remake of the Leica 35mm f1.4 Summilux v1 (Steel Rim).