This picture was made in March 2018 when  I was walking Wellington, New Zealand,  for a week or so whilst Suzanne was hiking the Grand Traverse in Fiordland over six days. 

The photo was made  just prior to my return trip to Wellington in order to  attend the Photobook/NZ event. At the time I was staying in an Airbnb in the Te Aro Valley whilst I photographed in  Wellington,  and I would walk past the small group of shops in the Te Aro Valley to get to the CBD. 

This poster/flag--I couldn't  tell which from the street -- was in the window of a house  in the main street of Te Aro Valley. I have to admit being rather surprised, puzzled, then taken back to see this support for Trump  in this part of Wellington. 

Puzzled because I thought that New Zealanders would give the Trump regime the middle finger especially after seeing Suzanne Tamaki's large scale Native Eye work  in the light boxes in Courtenay Place.